Simple LMS Are you looking for an online LMS? Quizworks Simple LMS does exactly what an LMS needs to do. And it does that really well. At a disruptively low price (from 50 USD a month). Because we focus on the basics we can offer the best results at the most affordable price.  

So what’s the product?

We have created a unique online LMS that is simple to use. You can enter several content types like like text, video and images. And combine them with interactive elements like quizzes, tests and exams. It also let’s the educator manage their students and all the communication around the course (invite emails, reminders, etc.). Our tool achieves very high participation rates and is rated as excellent by the students. It’s customizable in your own look and feel and you can embed it into your own website.

Always up to date

Our online LMS is upgraded every month. This way you’ll always have an up to date tool. Also our LMS is SCORM and AICC compliant.

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